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Hycom with Orange – one of the biggest Polish telecom companies - designed and developed a new portal for nju.mobile. At the same time, we implemented conversational interface to make the mobile transactions easy and convenient.

The refreshed design is a real mobile-first experience for the users. 


  • simple design

  • loads hell fast

  • clear offer presentation

  • few step quick sell

  • mobile first experience

We have met our client’s needs and worked together having lots of fun during the whole process.

The main idea was to create an interface as simple as in a cash-machine. That’s a design which lets the user get satisfactory results in shortest possible time. This was possible thanks to our professional experience and knowledge, user interviews and A/B tests. Finally, we created a simple and outstanding interface for the complex offer of a mobile telecom brand.

Experienced with our long-lasting cooperation with Orange we quickly developed a unique relationship with nju.mobile team. The mutual trust and close cooperation were basic for our fresh approach to this project. We have built the design system and based the portal redesign on it. The buying process has been changed and design system and lots of knowledge from previous telecom projects like Orange. We constantly try innovating and looking for ways to improve customer experience. That is why together with nju mobile we have introduced Hymate, an experiment with conversational user interface that provides alternative way of selling phones with contract. Nju mobile is first Polish telecom that provides this kind of interaction.


  • 2nd fastest telecom website in Poland

  • first chat bot to sell mobile contracts 

  • built on design system

  • 30% increased conversion rates

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