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Big data – chances and risks

At every point in our life, more or less consciously, we leave some traces – our data. Let's look at this very sensitive area.

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  • Competencies of a business analyst in the creation of innovative solutions

    In innovative projects business analyst should take under consideration market trends and probable scenarios of changes in consumers behavior.

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  • The end of
    as we know it

    Since introduction and proliferation of smartphone, the landscape has been shifting towards mobile. And all we responded with was Responsive/Adaptive Web Design. Latest data shows it proved inefficient in the long run. 

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  • Driving innovation within an IT company

    "We are an innovative company and our team is a group of enthusiastic and motivated talents who enjoy creating the most modern IT solutions for our clients"

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  • E-commerce trends 2018

    2018 is yet another year of development of the e-commerce industry. Observing the changes in online sales, several trends have been noted, which will dominate the industry this year.

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  • Cloud, cloud, cloud…

    a very popular word in today’s world of application design and development. It is a miraculous remedy for all  modern e-commerce problems, a magic box where an application is "thrown" into and … it works!

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  • Blogging as a tool for employee development

    All companies look for ideas on how to support employee development and how to show its appreciation for its staff. At Hycom, one of our aims in this regard is to engage well-experienced experts and
    high-potential specialists in setting up and running the company’s blog. 

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